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Company : Mira Honey is a natural bee products company located in The Netherlands. We have our own honey filling facility in The Netherlands. We are directly working with European beekeepers all around Europe.


Mission : To study the physical and chemical properties of honey.


Brand : Continuous labour, investment and work are required and just like our honeybees we work and work in a disciplined way and as a result we will make Mira Honey into a world leading brand.


It is the responsibility of beekeepers that are producing natural honey, to learn all about the different methods of production and to ensure the production is done in the right way.


Our apiculture is not an economic endeavour in its current form, it is more like an informal effort. So to make a series of structural changes in order to make our apiculture into a real economic activity, it is essential to obtain all of the information needed for economic development. Our task is to build bridges between research institutes and the producers of bee related information, take the research into the field and make it applicable to the field by applying and spreading the information.


In addition to the contribution of bee products of human health, the contribution of bees to the ecological balance and agricultural areas due to pollination by the bees is not to be neglected. In order to protects bees and beekeepers we need to study the science behind the bee ecosystems and ensure that the bees and the beekeepers get the rewards that they deserve.



Vision : At the same time as producing natural bee products, we want to bring our beekeeping to the level it deserves in the ranks of world beekeeping. In ever-developing societies, knowledge is the most important treasure.


Our company must : Be knowledgeable, self-renewing, always taking the works of the research institutions to the field, continuously improving itself, contributing to the national and world bee industry, helping to guide the country’s beekeeping with its work, train and keep knowledgeable staff and create natural bee products.