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Children are our future...

Let's make the drops sea together

Children are our future. We believe that for a livable world, we must put our children at the center of life.

And we believe that it is the duty of every adult to ensure that our children receive a good education in a healthy and happy manner.

Reminding that our world is entrusted to us by our children and as a part of this society, we are taking a small step to fulfill this duty.

    From now on, Mira Honey will donate to Unicef for each product our company sells, be it 1 bottle or 1 container.

We hope we will see that the drops we have brought together are once a vast sea. 

We would like to remind you that you do not have to buy our products to support our children who need our help, if you want to be a source of happiness in the face of a child at any corner of the world, all you need to do is visit Unicef website.

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