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Miraculous Taste of Nature 


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Different types of honey


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Why Should We Consume Honey?


Our daily food and energy need are increasing, especially in today’s demanding world. On the other hand, healthy and proper nutrition is essential for a healthy life.

Honey, both in terms of nutritional value and its contribution to human health, is the leading natural food.


It is unique.


One of the best ways to obtain healthy and proper nutrition as well as to naturally obtain our daily energy and vitamin needs is to consume enough honey every day.


Honey does not deteriorate but can crystallize. Contrary to popular belief, real honey sometimes crystallizes when not stored at the proper temperature.

That doesn’t mean it’s gone bad and it can also be consumed if crystallized and it does not lose nutritional value. It is possible to bring the honey back to its consistency before the crystallization by heating the honey container in a water bath (Bain-Marie Do not let tithe honey come into contact with water directly and ensure the water temperature does not exceed 45°C.


Fake honey does not crystallise because there are no natural extracts in it.


Honey: A Must for children but only after the age of 1


Honey with its vitamins, nutrients, and energy value is an important food for children as well as for adults. Its vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids contribute significantly to the physical development of children and help to meet their energy needs and increase their body resistance.


However, experts recommend that children under 1 year of age do not eat honey.

Why Mira Honey?

Although there are thousands of companies selling honey, why Mira Honey?


Our difference: We primarily collect our honey from our contracted beekeepers in Europe and the world. All our honey analyses are made by an independent laboratory (QSI - Germany).


What makes Mira Honey special: We spend our time finding high-quality honey not only in a specific region but also worldwide. To reach this quality, we sometimes travel thousands of kilometers and go to a mountain of 2500 meters high through narrow pathways. And wherever we buy honey, we do not offer it to the market without an analysis.


What Is Raw Honey?

   Raw honey comes straight from the honeycomb. The beekeeper will usually filter the honey to remove bits of debris, including pollen, beeswax, and parts of dead bees. They do not pasteurize the honey.


Raw honey appears cloudy or opaque because it contains these extra elements. It is still safe to eat.


What Is Regular Honey?

Regular or pasteurized honey is clear and smooth. The pasteurization process improves the honey’s appearance, increases its shelf-life, and kills yeast cells that can affect the taste of honey.

However, some people believe pasteurization reduces the number of antioxidants and nutrients in honey.

How do they differ?

Raw honey is naturally cloudier than regular honey due to the honeycomb debris that is too small to be filtered out.

Raw honey tends to have more variation in color and texture than regular honey. The color of raw honey may change depending on what nectars the bees gathered.

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